Communication Tips for Small Businesses

important communications for small businesses and nonprofits

Step 1: Identify your audience

  • Who are you speaking to?
  • Who needs to hear from you?
  • Who is part of your organization’s community?

Step 2: engage digital platforms

  • What social media platforms are you currently using?
  • Which of those platforms are you using well?
  • Are there different platforms for you to try?

Step 3: leverage community resources

  • Reach out to local media.
  • Request to be added to directories & lists as appropriate.
  • Reach out to stakeholders to find ways to collaborate.

Step 4: Create assets of value

What is the purpose behind the…

  • videos you are posting
  • articles you are sharing
  • graphics you are creating

Are the assets providing value to the audience?

Step 5: Be available

  • Provide *appropriate* ways for people to contact you.
  • Monitor any account you are directing people toward.
  • Respond to inquiries as timely as possible.

During times of crisis, communication action is critical for small business owners and nonprofit leaders.

What about your organization?