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powerful network of leadership resources

Skidmore Consulting has a vast network of leadership doctors and consultants. Based on organizational needs and specific challenges, we pair our clients with the best consultant to support their vision and goals.

About Dr. Guerdy Regilus – Leadership Doctor & Consultant

Dr. Guerdy Regilus (she/her/hers) is one of our leadership doctors. Dr. Guerdy holds an advanced background in Criminal Justice, Higher Education, and Non-profit Management.

She brings a wealth of experience to our clients. Dr. Guerdy is an awesome resource for projects involving strategic training & development, cultural intelligence, and conflict-management.

About Dr. Sarah Skidmore – Leadership Doctor, Futurist & Consultant

Dr. Sarah Skidmore, DSL, MA (she/her/hers) is a leadership development consultant, leadership futurist, and leadership training provider. She works directly with organizations, teams, and leaders by providing creative leadership solutions to maximize their potential, bolster their impact, and cultivate a positive human experience.

Dr. Sarah’s passion for the future of leadership, work, and learning drives the perspective she brings to organizations. Her inclusive leadership and strengths-based approach impact her leadership training and leadership consulting. Dr. Sarah is currently based in Central Florida and partners with clients worldwide interested in developing international leadership skills and developing strategic leadership skills. She is at the forefront of the intersection of innovation, leadership, and strategy.

Dr. Sarah holds a Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Master of Arts in Public Policy and Bachelor of Arts in Marketing & International Business. Dr. Sarah is a 2020 Emerging Fellow with the Association of Professional Futurists and European Futures Observatory; and, holds a Professional Certificate in Foresight from the University of Houston. Further, Dr. Sarah holds several social media certifications from Hootsuite and is a Hubspot solutions provider.

Dr. Sarah is active in several professional networks:

Dr. Sarah’s work actively influences executives and c-suite leaders; and, she has direct experience with global enterprises. Throughout her career, Dr. Skidmore led strategy in various B2B sectors, including technology, construction, small business, and global manufacturing.

Connect with Dr. Sarah:

About Terri Williams – Growth Specialist

Terri Williams (she/her/hers) builds relationships with our clients! She loves working with dynamic leaders and teams. Terri owned a small business for 10 years with a specialized background as a healthcare practitioner. As a retired midwife, over the years she worked with clients using meditation practices, emotional intelligence, breathing techniques, and positive visualization. She believes that personal transformation is essential to leader development!

She loves traveling and taking photographs! Terri specializes in Professional Headshots + Business Photography as well as Adventure Photography (So, feel free to ask her about the photography discounts she offers Skidmore Consulting clients through her work at Trek Your Scene!)

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