Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting

DEI Consulting and DEI auditing based on the ISO Standard

Skidmore Consulting provides diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consulting and auditing to strengthen businesses and organizations. We believe that long-term and impactful DEI consulting does not happen with a mere training or two on Diversity and Inclusion topics. Skidmore Consulting knows that real DEI transformation within organizations requires an invested commitment to create lasting change that brings about inclusion, equity and belonging at all levels. Our approach to DEI consulting is based on the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO Standard 30415 for Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging (D&I).

Strengthen your Team with DEI Consulting

At Skidmore Consulting, DEI consulting and auditing starts with using the D&I Service Management (DISM) lifecycle framework based on ISO Standard 30415 for diversity and inclusion. Through an online assessment, we use a maturity model to audit and assess the organization’s current state. With the initial audit in mind, the Skidmore Consulting leadership experts partner with the client to implement the necessary DEI changes in accordance to the standard.

Why is diversity and inclusion important to business

Diversity and inclusion is essential to business. D&I allows for greater collaboration. D&I is a fundamental aspect of creating a culture of belonging. D&I enhances a brand’s competitive advantage. DEI, in accordance to ISO Standard 30415, serves as a critical risk mitigation tool for businesses.

DEI for Risk Mitigation for Business

The D&I Service Management (DISM) lifecycle framework is built on 27+ categories of diversity and references 32 risk domains for DEI. The 32 risk domains exist within four business aspects: government, supply chain, product delivery, and human resources.

DEI and Belonging for Your Business

The Skidmore Consulting team is here to consult and audit businesses as they journey to embody the ISO Standard 30415 for diversity and inclusion.

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