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strengths based coaching for leader development

Subscribe to Dr. Sarah Skidmore’s strengths based coaching. Dr. Sarah models inclusive leadership and a strengths based approach to leader development in her remote executive coaching programs and online executive coaching sessions. Her sessions are focused on leader mindfulness, leader strengths, and overall leader development.

leadership coaching programs for leaders

Professionals interested in developing the leader within, developing strategic leadership skills, and developing global leadership skills benefit from our coaching programs.

Professionals receive monthly leader coaching focused on leader self-care and long-term sustainability. Our coaching sessions provide an environment of positivity and possibility for leaders. Leaders are encouraged to flourish through mindfulness exercises and reflective discussions. Clients have the option to select between a video conference or phone call for the virtual sessions with Dr. Sarah.

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Subscriptions include thirty-minute virtual leadership coaching sessions with a leadership doctor. Minimum of three month commitment.

Professional leadership coaching programs

We offer professional leadership coaching to Small Business Owners and B2B Professionals. If you are interested in a scalable leadership coaching program for your team, let us know.

scholarships for leadership coaching programs

Skidmore Consulting is dedicated to leader development through online executive coaching. If you are a graduate student or member of the LGBTQ community or BIPOC community, let us know. We’d love to tell you about the scholarship opportunities available for our online executive coaching.

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