Leadership Programs

Leadership Training for business Success

Skidmore Consulting programs are designed to move teams toward a strengths-based approach to leadership. Our programs are methodically designed by Leadership Doctors to cultivate stronger people leaders and thriving teams. As organizations navigate the future of work, hybrid work arrangements, organizational restructuring, and change – stronger leaders and critical for stronger businesses.

Prepare Your Leaders for Change

The leadership programs by the Leadership Doctors at Skidmore Consulting are uniquely designed to strengthen leaders as they navigate challenges and pains associated with leadership.

Prepare Your Organization for Succession Planning

As your organization seeks to thrive and create sustainable, long-term success, the Skidmore Consulting leadership programs develop human talent to proactively ensure that your future succession planning and human talent needs are being developed today.

Invest in Team Development through Leadership

Further, the cohort style and intentional format of our learning experiences catalyze team department and cross-departmental collaboration. Learn more about our Leadership Development Programs.

Organizational Strength Program

The Organizational Strength Programs moves businesses from leadership pain to strength. Areas of focus include:

  • Organizational Restructuring / Reorganization
  • Organizational Culture
  • Employee Performance and Employee Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Team Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic DEIB
Stronger People Leaders Program

Stronger People Leaders is a propriety leader development system that…

  • Shifts the thinking of individuals into People Leaders
  • Empowers People Leaders to bring practical resources to their team
  • Inspires People Leaders to start powerful conversations within your business and leadership team
  • Encourages People Leaders to bring positive impact to long-term business sustainability 
Virtual Leadership Excellence Program

From the metaverse to virtual reality to extended reality to augmented reality – technology continues to evolve and redefine how we work. Regardless of the technology and the digital application of choice, virtual leadership is necessary and is a competitive advantage as the world becomes more digitized. Invest in your business, invest in your leaders, invest in your people today by bringing the Virtual Leadership Excellence Program to your team. 

ERG and BRG Leader Development Program

The program includes live feedback and real-time interactions with a Leadership Doctor. Dr. Sarah intentionally designed this program with ERG leaders and BRG leaders in mind. Our learning experience allows participants to interact with a leadership expert for real-time feedback, prompting, and engagement.

  • Embrace inclusive leadership for organizational success
  • Unlock leadership skills to transformation cultures and organizations
  • Develop ERG and BRG Leaders who foster organizational collaboration
Wild Leadership Program

Wild Leadership is a leadership training and leader development for managers and decision makers who are navigating change and creating building sustainability. The Wild Leadership Program is designed to empower learners to lead their organizations and excel in the future of work. Each session has specific learning objectives and behaviors based on leadership insights that we may learn from the wildlife on this earth. 

Empathetic Leadership Program

Now more than ever is the time for leaders, executives, and managers to practice empathy in their leadership practice. This training program is specifically designed to integrate empathy into varying aspects of leadership with a real-world focus on practical application.

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