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Skidmore Consulting is uniquely positioned to work with a variety of industries and professions. We believe that leadership is an adventure and that the world needs stronger leadership! With that in mind, we work across industries and professions with a single mission – to cultivate stronger leaders, thriving teams, and sustainable organizations.

Skidmore Consulting Clients Share Their Experiences

We love our Skidmore Consulting clients. Hear for yourself what professionals are saying about the services they received from Skidmore Consulting.

Brian Cole, President of edgefactory

Hear from Brian Cole as he shares his experience with Skidmore Consulting. Brian shares how Dr. Sarah provides support to his Executive Team, works to strengthen the culture of his organization, and trains his organization’s people managers.

Dr. tracey ray, ceo of gt Empowerment services

Hear from Dr. Tracey as she shares her experience with Skidmore Consulting! Dr. Tracey shares how Skidmore Consulting provides services that support her organization’s mission and vision! Make sure to check out GT Empowerment Services and learn about the important work Dr. Tracey does to break the silence of domestic violence.

Lynnette phillips, owner of empower your possibilities

Lynnette Phillips has centered her career around service to others! From her tenure at Walt Disney World, to her collaborative work with the Fulfilled Mom Movement, to her speaking engagements through her firm, Empower Your Possibilities – Lynnette takes a personalized approach to her clients. Hear ways that Strategy Consulting & Training from Skidmore Consulting impacted her business.

Sabrina Kent, Senior Vice President at NGLCC

Make sure to connect with Sabrina on LinkedIn and check out the awesome work of the NGLCC.

tonya tolson, Owner of luminous connections llc

If you are in the Orlando area and are looking for a spiritual and empathic life coach, Tonya Tolson is an awesome resource! Her firm, Luminous Connections, is great at Creating Meaning & Magnifying Wonder.

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