Governmental Organizations

Leadership Services for Governmental Organizations

The governmental organizations and municipalities currently face critical challenges impacting business survivability and sustainability. 

Top Leadership Pains & Challenges for leaders in this space include:

  1. Attracting and retaining talent in the competitive environment
  2. Managing remote teams and a hybrid workforce
  3. Facilitating citizen participation and engagement in re-envisioned experiences and programs

For organizations in this space with multi-locational, hybrid, or remote teams, the Leadership Doctors at Skidmore Consulting offer innovative solutions to develop stronger leaders for stronger businesses

Enhance Your Competitive Advantage through Leadership Strength

Partner with our Leadership Doctors to leverage our Leadership Hospital, Signature Leadership Development Programs, or Strategic Consulting as you navigate business sustainability and organizational changes.

Move from leadership pain to strength using our proven process and proprietary training programs to upskill your talent with leadership capabilities, build teams that next-level your organizational success, and develop your leadership bench to drive business sustainability.

Overcome the challenges of retaining top leadership talent, managing a hybrid workforce, and facilitating citizen engagement investing in your team’s leadership strength today.

Develop Stronger People Leaders

The Leadership Hospital

Signature Leadership Programs

inclusive executive coaching

Drive value to your business through Stronger Leadership

Have you considered the impact that stronger leaders may have on your organizations? Strong leaders are engaged and encourage employee engagement across the teams and groups they lead. Clifton & Harter share powerful research regarding engaged teams in It’s the Manager (2019). 

  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 70% fewer safety incidences
  • 40% fewer quality defects
  • 10% higher customer rating
  • 17% higher productivity
  • 20% higher sales
  • 21% higher profitability 

Today is the day to move from leadership pain to strength – leverage Skidmore Consulting’s innovative and ground-breaking approach to leadership development to drive value to your organization.

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