Books by Dr. Sarah Skidmore

Dr. Sarah Skidmore provides powerful resources for leaders, teams, and organizations. Check out the current books Dr. Sarah authored that are available for purchase through Amazon.

Stronger people leaders: a leader development workbook solution

In 2020, Dr. Sarah Skidmore launched Stronger People Leaders: A Leader Development Workbook Solution. In this workbook, leaders walk through 10 essential lessons for becoming a Stronger People Leader. Get your copy today on Amazon.

Book Overview:

Stronger People Leaders is a resource designed for the 21st-century business environment. A contemporary leader faces challenges of poor leadership, disengaged employees, employee retention issues, program funding, employee-manager relationships, and more. Stronger People Leaders is a pioneering leader development solution that offers practical, powerful, and positive insights for a learner to apply in contextually relevant ways. By focusing on the thinking and roles of a People Leader, a learner can maximize their potential, bolster their impact, and cultivate a positive human experience for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. Stronger People Leaders is a workbook that contains 10 lessons split between two primary sections: + Section A – The Thinking of a People Leader+ Section B – The Roles of a People Leader. Scalable for teams of any size, a learner engages in feedback-driven conversations and experiences that rely on reflection and connection as methods of learning. 

Our Geopolitical Futures 2050

In 2021, Dr. Sarah Skidmore along with fellow futurists from the Association of Professional Futures and The European Futures Observatory created a resource focusing on geo-political transformation in 2050.

Book overview:

The theme for for this book is the evolution of the world order to 2050. The basic premise is that we are living at a time of geo-political transformation. The world order that has served us well since the Second World War is starting to feel a little dated. The institutions created after World War II no longer seem to serve adequately the problems we face. Not only are we facing a new type of problem, the geo-political balance is changing as the global economy evolves to reflect the impact of the newly developed information technologies.Much change in the world can be laid down to two factors – the re-structuring of the world economy and a changing climate. The re-structuring has been enabled by advances in technology in recent decades, allowing for the extension of global supply chains and new markets to be created. This has led to a shift in the balance of economic advantage away from Europe and North America, towards East and South Asia. These shifts have yet to fully play out and the study examined the pathways they could take in the next 30 years.A changing climate is also starting to have an impact upon the world order. Areas that have previously been inhospitable to human activity, such as the Arctic, are now starting to open up. Equally, areas in which human activity has been possible to date, such as the Sahel, are starting to become hostile to human activity. As the climate changes and has an impact upon human activity, issues such as migration and economic potential may come to the fore. We explored these issues through our thematic studies.Together, the seven lines of enquiry provide a coherent approach to future geo-politics that focuses on what we believe to be the significant trends to 2050.

The Decision to Start: 25 Tips for a Second Career as a Woman Business Owner

In the Spring of 2021, Nancy G. Allen asked Dr. Sarah to contribute a tip to her book, The Decision to Start for corporate women embarking on the journey of #entrepreneurship. As Dr. Sarah shares in the Tip 13 about Improving Connections, Creativity and Courage – understand where you excel and place yourself in those environments to grow your business. Dr. Sarah loves virtual events and digital connections. With #technology, the world literally is at our finger tips. In 2021 alone, Skidmore Consulting serves leaders in the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Australia, and the Philippines all because of technology. Skidmore Consulting envisions a world – not just a region or country – with stronger leadership and we’re happy to say we live that vision daily!  

You can read Dr. Sarah’s chapter along with the tips and stories from 25 other women who made the transition in The Decision to Start.

Book Overview:

As an employee, you’ve often thought to yourself, “What would happen if I ventured out on my own?” Maybe you’ve allowed yourself to dream about starting a business and being in charge of your own destiny. But the idea sometimes leaves you feeling uncertain and insecure. You’re not sure how to do this by yourself. With this book, you don’t have to. The Decision to Start offers 25 tips to help make your journey easier.