Proven Process

Our Proven Process for Leadership Success

The Skidmore Consulting process is highly methodical, almost clinical, as our Leadership Doctors and Leadership Experts work directly with clients.

A Highly Methodical Approach to Leadership Consulting

Step 1 – Specialized Consultation with a Leadership Doctor

The first step in all of our leadership programs and strategic consultations is the specialized consultation our clients have with a Leadership Doctor. During the consultation, our clients work directly with a Leadership Doctor to better understand their leadership pains, business goals, and consulting needs. Regardless of whether clients are in need of strategy and innovation consulting, change management consulting, leadership development consulting, or The Leadership Hospital – the starting point is the specialized consultation. After the consultation, our clients receive their customized diagnosis for next steps regarding the relevant in-depth diagnostics and focus of their tailored treatment plan.

step 2 – relevant Diagnostics and leadership assessments

As our Leadership Doctors move clients from Leadership Pain to Strength, it is critical that we have an understanding of the organization’s current situation. Depending on the specific leadership pains and needs, diagnostics may range from assessment tools and benchmarking tools to capture their current situation. With those in-depth diagnostics in hand, our Leadership Doctors review the organization’s DNA and current status. We use the diagnostics to craft a tailored plan and fulfill the leadership training, consulting, and projects that move our clients from Leadership Pain to Strength!

step 3 – Tailored Plan and customized consulting for Each Client

Our clients receive a tailored plan that includes appropriate next steps to transform teams and provide relevant consulting deliverables. A tailored treatment plan from Skidmore Consulting is customized based on the client need and is methodically designed by Leadership Doctors to reflect the highest standards. Our plans and deliverables range from 6 month programs to multi-year engagements – allowing for virtual, hybrid, and in-person deliverables.

Step 4 – Receive specialized leadership care

Ultimately, our clients value our specialized leadership care designed to transform their organization. Our Leadership Network accompanies their leadership wellness journey as they become stronger and thrive. We are their trusted guide as they navigate strategy, lead teams, manage change, or foster transformation. We believe that organizational health is essential to team wellness and business sustainability. Our clients have a trusted guide committed to caring for their leadership health as they continue to navigate future challenges and opportunities that may arise. 

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