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WORKBOOK available now

Stronger People Leaders: A Leader Development Workbook Solution is now available for online purchases!


Access virtual consulting & coaching made available through new packages and COVID-19 discounts.

maximize all things digital with your organization

Our world has been virtualized! Is your business or non-profit facing challenges with staying relevant in a digital world? Let us help you with our marketing services.

Ready for more?

Do you ever want more? Maybe you want more in your personal life. Maybe you want more in your professional life. Or, maybe you want more from your team or organization. Skidmore Consulting helps leaders, teams, and organizations who are ready for more. By offering Innovation + Leadership + Marketing services, Skidmore Consulting partners with clients to…

+ Maximize their potential
+ Bolster their impact
+ Cultivate a positive human experience 

When partnering with Skidmore Consulting, leaders leverage their strengths, shift their paradigms, and unlock their creativity in strategic ways.

So, how does that ‘value proposition’ sound? Could you or your team benefit from more – more potential, impact, or positivity? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to partner with Skidmore Consulting.

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leadership for You

Skidmore Consulting partners with leaders, teams, and organizations to reimagine their potential, impact, and experience. Leadership work is essential to organizations of all types, in all industries, and reaching all geographies. Whether it is a leadership lab or multi-day training opportunity – or any other service – Skidmore Consulting makes leadership concepts contextually relevant.

Just-in-time leadership

We offer just-in-time (JIT) leadership service, experiences, and solutions for any industry. Our offerings are accessible + flexible for organizations of any type while being applicable + democratized for leaders at any level.

Solidify the competitive advantage

We proudly offer the leadership services, experiences, and solutions that business owners, leaders, and executives need to retain + solidify the competitive advantage in an increasingly complex environment.

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