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How has work changed for you and your team over the past several years? As we reimagine the employee experience, specifically for remote-capable roles within our organizations, a 2022 Gallup study shows us that pre-pandemic in the US that nearly 60% of remote capable jobs were entirely on-site only. In contrast, in 2022+ and beyond, we see that number drop drastically to 23% exclusively on-site, and 77% of the remote-capable jobs exist in remote-only or hybrid environments. 

Ask yourself

  • How is your business investing in developing stronger leaders as they navigate hybrid, remote, and asynchronous work?
  • How are you preparing for business sustainability by developing your emerging leaders, middle managers, and ERG leaders to step into their next role within your succession planning?
  • How is your business investing in creating a leadership mindset at all levels of the business? How are you ensuring the organization thrives in the future of work? 

from Leadership Pain to Strength with Leadership Doctors

Skidmore Consulting moves clients from leadership pain to strength through leadership development, online learning programs, and business strategy services. We believe that leadership is an adventure. Start the journey to become a stronger leader today! We envision a world with stronger leadership! And, it’s our mission to cultivate stronger people leaders, thriving teams, and sustainable organizations. To do this work, we partner with leaders, teams, and organizations who are ready for more. Using a strengths based approach to creative leadership development solutions, the firm offers leader development programs, leadership retreats, and leadership training and consulting. We believe that leadership is an adventure!

Drive Value to your business through leadership

For businesses with multi-locational, hybrid, or remote teams, Skidmore Consulting offers innovative solutions to develop stronger leaders for stronger businesses. Partner with our Leadership Doctors to leverage our Leadership Hospital, Signature Leadership Development Programs, or Strategic Consulting as you navigate business sustainability and organizational changes. Move from leadership pain to strength using our proven process and proprietary training programs to upskill your talent with leadership capabilities, build teams that next-level your organizational success, and develop your leadership bench to drive business sustainability.

Signature leadership services from Skidmore Consulting

Move From Leadership Pain to Organizational Strength

The Leadership Hospital’s Organizational Strength Program is the innovative solution that delivers stronger people leaders for businesses with hybrid or remote teams through our Proven Process. Our Leadership Doctors and Leadership Practitioners deliver virtual training, consulting, and development programs – from telehealth sessions to virtual conferencing to live online facilitation and even VR experiences – to strengthen your business as you create long-term business sustainability.

Unlock the Stronger People Leaders Program for Your Business

Stronger People Leaders is a pioneering leader development solution that offers practical, powerful, and positive insights for learners to apply in contextually relevant ways. By focusing on the mindset (thinking) and roles of a People Leader, learners can maximize their potential, bolster their impact, and cultivate a positive human experience for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Develop Thriving Teams with Virtual Leadership Excellence

From the metaverse to virtual reality to extended reality to augmented reality – technology continues to evolve and redefine how we work. Regardless of the technology and the digital application of choice, virtual leadership is necessary and is a competitive advantage as the world becomes more digitized. Invest in your business, invest in your leaders, invest in your people today by bringing the Virtual Leadership Excellence Program to your team. 

Leverage our Specialized Consulting for Your Business

Our innovative strategy development and strategic consulting services for executives to shape sustainable organizational success. Skidmore Consulting partners with executives and leaders to provide business consulting. From change management to DEI consulting to strategy and innovation, our leadership practitioners work with clients to move them from leadership pain to strength!

Access Executive Coaching from a Leadership Doctor

Did you know that we offer leadership coaching and executive coaching in various ways? We deliver executive coaching in VR (virtual reality) through Horizon Workrooms. We proudly offer online coaching through video conferencing software such as Zoom and Teams. And, we provide executive coaching the traditional way, through audio only phone calls. The Leadership Doctors and Leadership Practitioners at Skidmore Consulting are here to support your leadership journey. 

Proven Process for Leadership Success

Skidmore Consulting’s Proven Process is at the heart of our leadership services, leadership training and business consulting. Each client works directly with a Leadership Doctor as they move from leadership pain to strength through any of our training and consulting offerings. The process is quite simple, yet highly methodical based each unique client situation.

Why have a leadership development program

When was the last time you stopped and thought about how leadership affects employee engagement? Or, the last time you paused to consider areas of potential for your organization? Or even, the last time you invested in your own self care as a leader? Leadership development drastically influences the engagement and performance of your team. It’s the Manager (2019) highlights Gallup research quantifying the differences in performance between engaged and actively disengaged business/work units. Gallup found that engaged teams have lower absenteeism, fewer safety incidences, fewer quality defects, higher customer rating, higher productivity, higher sales, and higher profitability. Greater development and engagement impact the health of your organization. Now think, how might your organization’s bottom line be impacted by engaged teams? Could your organization benefit from an increase in productivity, an increase in sales, and even an increase in profitability?

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