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a strengths based approach to leadership

Skidmore Consulting partners with leaders, teams, and organizations who are ready for more. Through scalable leadership solutions, the firm works with clients to maximize their potential, bolster their impact, and cultivate a positive human experience. Using a strengths based approach to creative leadership development solutions, the firm offers leader development programs, leadership retreats, and leadership training and consulting. When partnering with Skidmore Consulting, clients leverage strengths based leadership, innovative leadership principles, and unlock creative leadership solutions. Creating innovative ideas, developing leaders, and reaching high potential are essential elements to our work with clients.

skidmore leadership Development

Skidmore Consulting partners with leaders, teams, and organizations to reimagine their potential, impact, and experience through leadership training and leaders coaching. Leadership work is essential to organizations of all types, in all industries, and reaching all geographies. Skidmore Consulting offers accessible leadership and flexible offerings that are applicable to today’s leaders. We proudly offer the leadership solutions that business owners and leaders need to retain and solidify their competitive advantage in an increasingly complex and digital environment.

Stronger People Leaders is a strengths based leadership book. It is the leader development workbook for professionals interested in becoming stronger people leaders.

Leadership Training and Consulting

We offer enterprise-level leadership solutions to ensure that teams and organizations thrive. We design a customized program for your team.

Coaching by Skidmore Consulting

Virtual leadership training is essential to the professional development and sustainable career growth of today’s leaders. Make sure to check out our online leadership opportunities.

Why have a leadership development program?

When was the last time you stopped and thought about how leadership affects employee engagement? Or, the last time you paused to consider areas of potential for your organization? Or even, the last time you invested in your own self care as a leader? Leadership development drastically influences the engagement and performance of your team. It’s the Manager (2019) highlights Gallup research quantifying the differences in performance between engaged and actively disengaged business/work units. Gallup found that engaged teams have lower absenteeism, fewer safety incidences, fewer quality defects, higher customer rating, higher productivity, higher sales, and higher profitability. Greater development and engagement impact the health of your organization. Now think, how might your organization’s bottom line be impacted by engaged teams? Could your organization benefit from an increase in productivity, an increase in sales, and even an increase in profitability?

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