Virtual Leadership Excellence Program

Excel in the Digital World with Virtual Leadership

From the metaverse to virtual reality to extended reality to augmented reality – technology continues to evolve and redefine how we work. Regardless of the technology and the digital application of choice, virtual leadership is necessary and is a competitive advantage as the world becomes more digitized. Invest in your business, your leaders, and your people today by bringing the Virtual Leadership Excellence Program to your team. 

Learning Outcomes and Behaviors OF THE PROGRAM

The Virtual Leadership Excellence Program is a ground-breaking approach to developing leaders to excel in digital environments. 

  • Understand the digital business ecosystem
  • Manage hybrid and remote teams with leadership excellence
  • Unlock ‘next practices’ for leading people
  • Empower teams to thrive in asynchronous environments

Each session has specific learning objectives and behaviors that develop Virtual Leadership Excellence. 

Virtual Leadership for a Virtual World

Program Overview

The Virtual Leadership Excellence Program trains individuals and teams with ‘next practices’ to thrive in the future of work. Learners maximize their virtual leadership with practical resources, micro-lessons by Leadership Doctors, and real-world discussions. Develop the virtual leadership necessary to build a career advantage – and maximize an organization’s competitive advantage.

Critical Topics included in the Virtual Leadership Excellence Program

  • Virtual Leadership
  • Managing Hybrid Teams
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Communication Styles
  • Time Orientation
  • Managing Personality Types Digitally
  • Developing People on Your Team
  • Asynchronous Work

Session Schedule

  1. Understanding Virtual Leadership
  2. Communicating in Virtual Environments
  3. Using Influence in Virtual and Hybrid Environments
  4. Managing Hybrid Teams
  5. Developing Remote Employees
  6. Promoting Well-being with Remote Employees
  7. Managing Personality Types Digitally
  8. Leveraging Innovation

Virtual Leadership Business Advantage

Interactive Program Format

Our interactive programs are designed to maximize virtual participation, allow for multi-locational collaboration within the learning process, and provide access to training created by Leadership Doctors.

Interactive Format Includes:

  • 100% Virtual Program
  • Live Online Trainings Designed by a Leadership Doctor
  • Interactive Peer-Share Sessions
  • Ideal Cohort Size of 2 -10 Participants

Program Options

Basic Program
Program Includes
  • Eight (8) Virtual Training Sessions (up to 90 Minutes)
Recommended Schedule options
  • Weekly Training for 8 Weeks
  • Monthly Training for 8 Months
Premium Development Program
Program Includes
  • Virtual Program Launch Session (up to 60 Minutes)
  • Eight (8) Virtual Training Sessions (up to 60 Minutes)
  • Eight (8) Virtual Peer Share Sessions (up to 60 Minutes)
  • Virtual Graduation Session (up to 30 Minutes)

Recommended Schedule Options
  • Weekly Sessions for 10 Weeks
  • Monthly Sessions for 10 Months

Our Approach to Training

By integrating leadership theory, practical resources, and real-world insights – our learning experiences are designed to next-level leaders, teams, and businesses. We incorporate four specific learning components into our sessions to spark powerful conversations and real-world impact for our learners.

  • Learners engage information, theories, and materials relevant to the session’s identified learning objectives and learning behaviors. 
  • Learners discover points of application for themselves, their teams, and their organization from uncovered insights. 
  • Learners reflect on ways to apply information to their context, career, and future.
  • Learners integrate findings into their work, team, and organization to strengthen their contexts. 

Invest in your Business Leadership Today

Invest in Your Business Leaders Today

Have you considered the impact that stronger leaders may have on your organizations? Strong leaders are engaged and encourage employee engagement across the teams and groups they lead. Clifton & Harter share powerful research regarding engaged teams in It’s the Manager (2019).

  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 70% fewer safety incidences
  • 40% fewer quality defects
  • 10% higher customer rating
  • 17% higher productivity
  • 20% higher sales
  • 21% higher profitability 

Are you ready to develop stronger leaders for a stronger business? Are you ready for managers with virtual leadership excellence to lead your organization? Bring the Virtual Leadership Excellence Program to your organization today – for stronger leaders, for a stronger business.

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