Strategic Foresight and Long Term Visioning

How to Create a Long Term Vision

Skidmore Consulting provides strategic foresight consulting and long term visioning services to businesses and teams? Our Leadership Doctors facilitate foresight and visioning using industry standard practices and methodologies – all the while educating clients on foresight.

How to Create a Positive Future for Your Business

One of the first questions we get asked about strategic foresight work is – how do we conduct the consulting. Skidmore Consulting has a transparent process for delivering strategic foresight consulting with clients. Our approach is methodical and this methodology isn’t for everyone. Strategic foresight requires our clients to be committed to their future and and the work needed to bring about that future.

Skidmore Consulting Strategic Foresight Process

We outline our process for this specific type of consulting in simple, yet complex, steps.

  1. Skidmore Consulting works with clients to create, imagine, and consider future scenarios relevant to their industry. These scenarios and futures are based decades into the future to foster maximum innovation and creativity among participants.
  2. Leveraging the future scenarios, the Skidmore Consulting team facilitates a visioning exercise with a diverse group of individuals connected to the organization – ranging from employees to customers to suppliers and more.
  3. Leveraging the vision, we backcast a strategy for the business. Keep in mind, we stress-test the strategy against the future scenarios from early on in the work.
  4. Leveraging the strategy, we create near-term milestones for businesses and teams to bring their desired future to life!
  5. Based on the work above, we create training materials, foster culture work, and develop employee engagement programs to start embodying the vision.

Leverage Futures Thinking to grow Your Business

Are you ready to leverage futures thinking to grow your business? Request consulting from Skidmore Consulting to bring about a positive future for your business based on strategic foresight practices.

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