Doctor Day

strengthen Your Strategy to strengthen your business

Are you ready to take all those ideas floating in your head and place them in a strategic plan to positively impact your business? Are you ready to finally create that strategic plan? Are you ready to have a strategic plan to share with employees, decision-makers, and stakeholders? Are you ready for a clear strategy to drive business decisions? If so, a Doctor Day is the perfect service!

What is a Doctor Day

Take advantage of a Doctor Day through The Leadership Hospital. During the Doctor Day, you and your team (optional) meet with your Leadership Doctor to create your custom strategy. During Doctor Day, your current leadership challenges, business pains, legacy goals, and to-dos will transform into a strategic plan with actionable outcomes.

Our Leadership Doctors are specialized in strategy development, strategy planning, leadership, workforce development, business development, talent development, organizational development, and more.

Interactive Strategic Planning

Doctor Days are designed to maximize online participation and allow for multi-locational collaboration.

Aspects of interactive format

  • 100% Virtual Program
  • Facilitated by a Leadership Doctor
  • Streamline Collaboration and Communication
  • Bring Your Team (ideal for teams of 3-9)

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