Strategy and Innovation

Innovative Strategy Development and Strategic Consulting

Our innovative strategy development and strategic consulting services for executives shape sustainable organizational success. Skidmore Consulting partners with executives to provide strategic facilitation, strategic foresight, and visioning sessions. Our team facilitates the process to ensure top leaders and executives have a streamlined, productive experience.

Partner with an external consultant to facilitate

Based on the client context, we select a strategy development tool that best helps teams move forward in the development process. Top tools that benefit our clients include:

  • Strategic Foresight Tools for Legacy & Sustainable Development
  • Appreciative Inquiry for Co-created Strategies & Shared Visioning

develop customized strategies to ensure your team thrives

Our team partners with leaders and executives to develop strategies that directly impact their organization’s:

  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development Program
  • Organizational Shared Vision
  • Learning Programs
  • Human Capital Development

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