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become a stronger people leader with dr. sarah skidmore’s leader workbook

Stronger People Leaders: A Leader Development Workbook Solution is a resource designed for today’s leaders. Using principles of inclusive leadership and strengths based approach, Stronger People Leaders is a pioneering leader development workbook. Stronger People Leaders is a workbook that contains 10 lessons split between two primary sections:

  • Section A – The Thinking of a People Leader
  • Section B – The Roles of a People Leader.
Leader Workbook - Skidmore Consulting

Scalable for small and midsize businesses (SMB), non-profits, and departmental teams, the strengths based leadership books prompts feedback-driven conversations and leadership experiences. Four learning components are infused in each of the ten lessons.

  • Engage
  • Discover
  • Reflect
  • Integrate

The leader development workbook prompts greater awareness, promotes development, and encourages relationships across teams and organizations..

Commonly Asked Questions about the Leader Development Workbook

Is the Stronger People Leaders Workbook Solution a practical resource?

Four learning components are integrated into each of the ten lessons in the Stronger People Leaders Workbook Solution: Engage, Discover, Reflect, and Integrate. Through the Workbook Solution, leaders are provided practical resources that spark powerful conversations, ultimately, bringing positive impact. 

What can I expect from the Workbook Solution?

The Workbook Solution offers two very real outcomes for leaders: powerful conversations and positive impact. Leaders experience the powerful conversations that arise from the provided Discussion Prompts + Potential Points. Leaders experience positive impacts such as greater awareness, learning, flourishing, engagement, development, relationships, and connection.

How can I get a copy of the workbook?

The Stronger People Leaders Workbook Solution is available for purchase online through Amazon.

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