Here are a few examples of work.

Global Manufacturer with the Goal of Growth

  • Developed strategic initiatives and marketing campaigns for a global organization. By understanding the industry and competitive landscape, developing new markets with product innovation proved successful.
  • Led deliberate strategic planning and used actionable intelligence allowing the organization to overcome market barriers
  • Implemented marketing initiatives including website development, back-end website migration, enhanced branding work, social media marketing, storytelling through video and more.

National Supplier with the Goal of Revitalization

  • Reshaped business development activities and marketing campaigns of this multigenerational, family-owned company.
  • Achieved this through product line expansions, the rebranding of the organizational identity, and the development of digital tools for the customer-based that maximized market leadership.
  • Facilitated strategic planning with the executive team, led cross-departmental teams using authentic leadership principles and used market research to propel the organization towards success.
  • Implemented marketing initiatives including the development of a web portal, SEO practices, website redesign, social media marketing, and more.

Regional Start-up with the Goal of Establishment

  • Served as a coach to the entrepreneur to identify personal goals and professional goals in order to determine success and track progress.
  • Facilitated the development of a business plan highlighting the importance of a focused line of service, pricing structure, client profiles, and social media plan.

Local Nonprofit with the Goal of Relevance 

  • Mentored nonprofit leaders in communication ‘best practices’ to increase transparency, collaboration, efficiency, and information-sharing.
  • Led workshops, presentations, and interactive sessions teaching leaders how to implement communication practices and improve tactics for greatest impact.