Wild Leadership

a Leadership Adventure like never before

Dr. Sarah Skidmore started the Wild Leadership series in January 2021 to explore the question, ‘what leadership lessons can we learn from the wild?’ Learn from vulnerable species such as polar bears, cheetahs, and manatees to endangered species like dolphins and elephants – journey along with Dr. Sarah as she explores Wild Leadership


Dr. Sarah Skidmore has always had a strong appreciation for the outdoors and started exploring the question, ‘What leadership lessons can we learn from the wild?’ during her doctoral studies. In 2021, she merged her passions for leadership and the outdoors and started her Wild Leadership Series. With the work so well received, she started delivering training programs on the topic and, in 2022, launched Wild Leadership as a series of leadership learning programs. We invite you to embark on the Wild Leadership journey with Dr. Sarah Skidmore.

Learn from Polar Bears, Cheetahs, Manatees Other Species

Are you interested in bringing a leadership adventure to your organization? Have participants learn leadership insights from polar bears, cheetahs, manatees, and other species! The Wild Leadership training series includes leadership insights, leader reflection, organizational practices, and real-world tools so that your team excels in the leadership adventure.

Unique Leadership Training

Dr. Sarah, along with the Leader Doctors and Leadership Practitioners, facilitates leadership training and leader development with organizations daily. They deliver services to remote teams and remote workforces that empower organizations to excel in the future of work by developing their leaders. Interested in learning more about the program and how you can prepare your organization for the adventure of leadership?

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