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My approach to consulting really sets Skidmore Consulting apart from others in the industry. This work drives organizational improvement and business growth through value-based consulting.  To add, this work provides impactful insights to organizations and leaders. There are three core values that shape all decisions and services. The core values are wisdom, integrity, and compassion. Further, there is a shared commitment that we make with all clients. This 5-part shared commitment includes: commit to learning, identify goals, strategize together, build relationships and embody responsibility. This shared commitment demonstrates the partnership and perspective that is critical as we seek organizational improvement and business growth through this consulting.

Sarah, Chief Strategist:

Sarah brings innovative and transformative thought to both non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses in industries including plastics, construction, medical & pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and consumer products. Her consultative approach to value-based communication and revenue generation improves internal communication processes while directly impacting marketing and business development initiatives. Guiding executive leaders, she delivers forward-thinking strategies founded on integrity. Sarah serves as a dynamic speaker at universities, globally recognized conferences, and industry events. Currently, Sarah is pursuing a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Regent University and is the Director of Marketing and Communication for First United Methodist Church of Winter Park.