Leadership Training and Consulting

Dr. Sarah Skidmore’s leadership training and consulting are based on learning. At the foundation of any of her leadership labs, leadership consulting services for small businesses, or even leadership development programs for new clients – learning is the key. One of three ways for leaders to promote learning starts with conveying the vision of the business owner or leadership team. Through our leadership training courses and management training, we focus on developing effective leaders and improving performance for the organization. Take a look at the firm’s training and consulting offerings with a learning framework in mind.

Leadership Labs – interactive leadership workshops

We offer leadership labs as a form of leadership strategy training and interactive workshops for participants. At Skidmore Consulting, a leadership lab is basically a leadership skills development class. We specialize in providing professionals a learning environment to explore a leader tool, strategy development methods, and inclusive leadership training.

  • Futures Wheel for a Stronger Organization
  • Strengths-based Approach to Leadership
  • Engaging the Appreciative Inquiry Process
  • Determining ROI on Your Leadership

LEADERSHIP consulting services FOR SMALL BUSINESSes & non-profits

Our leadership consulting services for small businesses provide business owners with access to critical plans and programs for long-term success. Skidmore Consulting provides clients with a Leadership Development Consultant. Common services include:

  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development Program
  • Strategic Foresight & Planning
  • Strategy Development
  • Facilitated Brainstorming Session
  • Course & Curriculum Development

start a leadership development program with your team

Starting a leadership development program for a small and midsize business (SMB) or nonprofit can be challenging for a business owner. Skidmore Consulting offers the Enterprise Leadership Development Solution (ELDS) for organizations.

learn about the Enterprise Leadership Development Solution (ELDS)

ELDS is an ‘off-the-shelf’ approach to leader development and strategy development for organizations. With the ELDS, clients select from the following essential leadership elements to bring to their organization: Strategy Development, Change Management, Leader Development, Succession Planning, Visioning, Strategic Foresight, Appreciative Inquiry, and Global & Inclusive Leadership.

Enterprise Leadership Development Solution by Skidmore Consulting

Through innovative leadership and leadership strategy consulting, Skidmore Consulting partners with organizations to provide accessible, flexible, and applicable solutions.

see how Skidmore Consulting’s Innovative Leadership Solution compares

Business owners often weigh the pros and cons, costs and benefits, and ROI of investments. Leadership development programs should be no different. Check out the below comparison chart highlight key differences among our ELDS, traditional employee, and random online leadership materials.

Does your organization need?ELDS from Skidmore ConsultingTraditional EmployeesRandom Online Materials
Just-in-Time Leadership Resources Targeted for Your OrganizationYes!Maybe?Maybe?
Flexible Programming to Meet 21st Century ComplexitiesYes!Maybe?Nope
Flexible Scheduling – including Weekend + Evening OptionsYes!NopeNope
Variety of Payment OptionsYes!NopeNope
Access to Insights from Leadership Executives without a Staffing InvestmentYes!NopeNope
Applicable Solutions + Custom Strategies to Maximize Your Organization’s PotentialYes!Maybe?Nope
Select from Talks, Labs, Projects, Coaching, Programs, Training, and MoreYes!Maybe?Nope
Integrity First ApproachYes!Maybe?Maybe?
Solutions that Meet Your Organization’s Unique NeedsYes!Maybe?Maybe?
Diverse Topics from Change to Planning to Alignment and MoreYes!Maybe?Nope
No Unexpected Salary, Compensation or Benefits Issues Yes!NopeSure
No Unforeseen Costs to the OrganizationYes!NopeMaybe?
No Long-Term CommitmentYes!NopeMaybe?

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