Leadership Training Programs by a Doctor

flipping the classroom on professional development

Learning is essential to any of the leadership trainings, online learning opportunities, or small group discussions designed by Skidmore Consulting. Have you heard the term – flipped classroom? Well, Skidmore Consulting flips the classroom on professional development. We design learning experiences that are highly relational, interactive, and practical to our learners. Dr. Sarah Skidmore, the firm’s owner and Leadership Doctor, custom designs and facilitates leadership training and leader development programs that bring big impact to our clients.

Through our leadership training courses and management training, we focus on developing effective leaders and improving performance for the organization.

Leadership Labs and interactive leadership workshops

We offer leadership labs as a form of leadership strategy training and interactive workshops for participants. At Skidmore Consulting, a leadership lab is basically a leadership skills development class. We specialize in providing professionals a learning environment to explore specific leadership topics, real-world leader tools, and inclusive leadership training.

Check out just a few of the leadership labs designed by dr. Sarah Skidmore

  • Futures Wheel for a Stronger Organization
  • Strengths-based Approach to Leadership
  • Engaging the Appreciative Inquiry Process
  • Determining ROI on Your Leadership
  • Gratitude in the Workplace
  • Understanding Motivation & Mindfulness

customized leadership training & workshops from a leadership doctor

We frequently work directly with clients to design customized leadership trainings specific to an organization, current challenges, or future goals. When you partner with Skidmore Consulting, a leadership doctor designs a customized leadership training program for each organization.

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