Middle Manager Program

A Program for Middle Managers

When was the last time your organization invested in your middle managers? Middle managers directly impact the people and projects within your organization. As your Middle Managers become stronger people leaders, they influence their teams to thrive and organization to become more sustainable.

a hybrid middle manager program for organizational success

Through our Middle Manager Program, we focus on fortifying relationships with managers and providing applicable feedback to our learners. And, best of all – we offer hybrid online programs! Participants experience live, virtual instructor-led sessions as well as independent online work.

Online Learning experience with a leadership doctor

The program includes live feedback and real-time interactions with a Leadership Doctor. Dr. Sarah intentionally designed this program with Middle Managers in mind. Our learning experience allows participants to interact with a leadership expert for real-time feedback, prompting, and engagement.

Strengthen Your Organization’s Middle Management Team

During the program, learners participate in feedback-driven conversations, reflect on growth opportunities, and connect with methods and tools useful for their success. Our most popular Middle Manager Leadership Program consists of 12 monthly sessions.

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