Emerging Leaders Program

Become a stronger people leader

Poor leadership. Disengaged employees. Employee retention issues. Program funding. Poor employee-manager relationships. How many of these challenges does your team face? And, what other challenges would you add to this list?

Contemporary leaders face increasing complex and layered challenges within their work environments – work environments that are surging with digital expansion, navigating global nuances, and unifying perspectives.

Dr. Sarah Skidmore, Leadership Futurist

a hybrid leader development program that transforms

Through the program, we focus on fortifying relationships and providing feedback that is applicable to our learners’ context. And, best of all – it is hybrid program!

Synchronous Learning experience with a leadership doctor

The program includes live feedback and real-time interactions with a Leadership Doctor. Dr. Sarah intentionally designed this program to be a synchronous experience with learners. Our synchronous experience allows learners the ability to interact with a leadership expert for real-time feedback, prompting, and engagement.

a leader development programed delivered virtually

The program is offered virtually in real-time. With the virtual delivery, our team affords leader development access to a great number of individuals. Virtual delivery means that co-locational teams can meet together without the time and cost associated with travel. Virtual programming allows off-grid teams to come together digitally from their home bases. And, virtual leader development supports teams who are practicing physical distancing. Please reach out to us as we can support in-person or on-site leader development.

become stronger people leaders through live sessions with a leadership doctor

During the program, learners participate in feedback-driven conversations, reflect on growth opportunities, and connect with methods and tools useful for leader development. The program includes the following topic areas:

  • Intentions Session
  • 4 Areas involving the Thinking of People Leaders
  • 6 Areas involving the Roles of a People Leader
  • Celebration Session

Our learners walk away from the program with greater awareness of themselves as leaders, new leadership insights, a fresh perspective of flourishing in the workplace, tools for fostering engagement, and more.

more about the leader development curriculum

The Stronger People Leaders solution is intentionally designed by Dr. Sarah Skidmore to provide leaders and teams with scalable and actionable resources. Dr. Sarah created the leader development philosophy that fuels to programming and format of the learning program. Stronger People Leaders is a pioneering leader development curriculum that delivers practical resources, fosters powerful conversations, and provides positive insights for learners to apply in their context. The Stronger People Leaders program is structured in a thoughtful way to develop The Thinking of a People Leader and The Roles of a People Leader. Get your copy of the workbook we use to maximize the program’s learning.

By focusing on the thinking and roles of a People Leader, a learner maximizes their potential, bolsters their impact, and cultivates a positive human experience for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. The Stronger People Leaders program is scalable for teams of any size.

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