Leadership Programs for Teams

Leadership Program for thriving teams

Skidmore Consulting programs are designed to move teams toward a strengths-based approach to leadership. Our programs are methodically designed by Leadership Doctors to cultivate stronger people leaders and thriving teams. We offer Middle Manager Training Programs, Emerging Leader Training Programs, and Team Development Programs.

nuture a more inclusive environment for your team

Because of the unique nature and client-specific challenges around culture, we create custom leadership journeys for clients after a Specialized Consultation with a Leadership Doctor. Is your team in need of a leadership program? It is simple to get started with Skidmore Consulting!

  1. All clients start with a Specialized Consultation with a Leadership Doctor to identify program specifics and learning objectives for the program.
  2. Next, one of the Skidmore Consulting Leadership Doctors customizes the learning program to fit exact client needs.
  3. And then the fun part – our Leadership Practitioners provide the training and learning program!