The ELDS Process

Enterprise Leadership Development Solution from Skidmore Consulting

Custom & scalable leadership offerings

Are you interested in how the ELDS works? It’s actually quite simple. Start by letting us know that you’re interested the program by requesting a quote. Then, we schedule a consultation to discuss the program and your organization’s needs in greater detail.

We kick-off the project together by completing the ELDS Matrix. The Matrix is the mutual planning document that guides our journey together.

  • We identify the primary challenge or opportunity your organization wants to leverage and create industry appropriate objectives for maximum impact.
  • We craft the unique mix of leadership services, topics, and initiatives accomplish those objectives.
  • We select the proper combination of on-site and online leadership expertise best suited for your organizaiton.
  • We determine the duration of the ELDS journey – this can vary from 3-months to multiple years depending on the organization’s needs.

Then we journey together and bring the ELDS Matrix to life! Every aspect of the ELDS Matrix is custom and scalable – allowing for accessible + flexible + applicable programming for any organization.

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