Enterprise Leadership Development Solution (ELDS)

Organizational Level approach

The Enterprise Leadership Development Solution (ELDS) offers targeted strategy at the organizational level. Clients select the custom mix of leadership services (from talks, keynotes, labs, consulting projects, coaching, programs, trainings, courses, and more) that fit their unique needs. With this solution, organizations partner with a leadership executive to receive accessible + flexible + applicable programming that is scalable for organizations of any type and size.

Enterprise Leadership Development Solution from Skidmore Consulting
Does your organization need?ELDS from Skidmore ConsultingTraditional EmployeesRandom Online Materials
Just-in-Time Leadership Resources Targeted for Your OrganizationYes!Maybe?Maybe?
Flexible Programming to Meet 21st Century ComplexitiesYes!Maybe?Nope
Flexible Scheduling – including Weekend + Evening OptionsYes!NopeNope
Variety of Payment OptionsYes!NopeNope
Access to Insights from Leadership Executives without a Staffing InvestmentYes!NopeNope
Applicable Solutions + Custom Strategies to Maximize Your Organization’s PotentialYes!Maybe?Nope
Select from Talks, Labs, Projects, Coaching, Programs, Trainings, and MoreYes!Maybe?Nope
Integrity First ApproachYes!Maybe?Maybe?
Solutions that Meet Your Organization’s Unique NeedsYes!Maybe?Maybe?
Diverse Topics from Change to Planning to Alignment and MoreYes!Maybe?Nope
No Unexpected Salary, Compensation or Benefits Issues Yes!NopeSure
No Unforeseen Costs to the OrganizationYes!NopeMaybe?
No Long-Term CommitmentYes!NopeMaybe?

simple LEADership solution

Are you interested in how the ELDS works? It’s actually quite simple. Start by letting us know that you’re interested the program by requesting a quote. Then, we schedule a consultation to discuss the program and your organization’s needs in greater detail.

We kick-off the project together by completing the ELDS Matrix. The Matrix is the mutual planning document that guides our journey together. 

  • We identify the primary challenge or opportunity your organization wants to leverage and create industry appropriate objectives for maximum impact. 
  • We craft the unique mix of leadership services, topics, and initiatives accomplish those objectives. 
  • We select the proper combination of on-site and online leadership expertise best suited for your organizaiton.
  • We determine the duration of the ELDS journey – this can vary from 3-months to multiple years depending on the organization’s needs.

Then we journey together and bring the ELDS Matrix to life! Every aspect of the ELDS Matrix is custom and scalable – allowing for accessible + flexible + applicable programming for any organization.