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When was the last time your organization reflected? What are current challenges for your team? What are areas of potential for your organization? It’s the Manager (2019) highlights Gallup research quantifying the differences in performance between engaged and actively disengaged business/work units. Gallup found that engaged teams have…

  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 70% few safety incidences
  • 40% fewer defects (quality)
  • 10% higher customer rating
  • 17% higher productivity
  • 20% higher sales
  • 21% higher profitability 

Now think, how might your organization’s bottom line be impacted by engaged teams? Greater development and engagement can drastically impact the health of your organization. 

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stronger people leaders solution

Stronger People Leaders© is a pioneering leader development solution that offers practical, powerful, and positive insights for learners to apply in contextually relevant ways.

By focusing on the thinking and roles of a People Leader, learners can maximize their potential, bolster their impact, and cultivate a positive human experience for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

enterprise leadership development solution

The Enterprise Leadership Development Solution (ELDS) offers targeted strategy at the organizational level. Clients select the custom mix of leadership services (from talks, keynotes, labs, consulting projects, coaching, programs, trainings, courses, and more) that fit their unique needs. With this solution, organizations partner with a leadership executive to receive accessible + flexible + applicable programming.

à la carte solutions

Talks & KeynotesMost Popular Talks:
+ The Future of Work
+ Innovation as a Leadership Practice
+ Inclusive Leadership: A Must for Future Organizations
+ Happiness + Leadership: Flourishing in the Now
+ 21st Century Leadership: How to Thrive in a Complex Environment
Leadership Labs
(Interactive Workshop)
Most Requested Labs:
+ Futures Wheel for a Stronger Organization
+ Engaging the Appreciative Inquiry Process
+ Building Gratitude in Your Work
Leadership Consulting Projects (remote or live)Commonly Requested Services:
+ Strategic Foresight & Planning
+ Strategy Development
+ Subject Matter Research Projects
+ Facilitated Leadeship Discussions
Leadership Coaching
(remote or live)
+ Individual Coaching
+ Team Coaching
+ Leader Development Solutions
Leadership ProgramsServices:
+ Leadership Development Programs
+ Succession Planning
+ Transformation Teams
+ On-Boarding Programs
Leadership Trainings
(half/full/multi day)
Most Requested Trainings include:
+ The Training on Strengths-based Leaderhip
+ The Training on Global Leadership
+ The Training on Development
Leadership CoursesServices:
+ Course Design
+ Curriculum Development
Strategic Marketing ConsultingServices:
+ Social Media Management
+ Writing (White Papers, Blogs, Articles)
+ Market Research
+ Strategic Marketing Planning
+ Brand Strategy

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