leadership services

Every organization’s context varies. Skidmore Consulting clients benefit from Leadership Services to impact organizational improvement and business growth.

appreciative inquiry: Not sure how to help your team conceptualize the future? Walk through a facilitated process that guides your team toward future success.

change management: Leading change within an organization can be quite complex. Ensure your team is ready to handle the change and transformation required for organizations to thrive in the marketplace.

cross-cultural competencies: Looking to expand the business or team in a cross-cultural setting? Is your current team filled with cross-cultural members? Ensure your team is equipped with the cross-cultural competencies necessary for success – whether in-person, virtually, or a combination of both.

curriculum development: Interested in a custom training program for your team?

leadership analyticsWhat data is important and what insights can come from analytics? Ensure you are tracking the ‘right’ information to transform your decision-making process.

leadership training: Does your A-team or group of rising stars need leadership development? Let’s outline a training program to benefit the needs of the team.

international leadership guidance: Need help communicating, developing, and leading foreign markets?

organizational design & alignment: Looking to transform the structure and design of your organization to increase productivity? Is something a bit out of place when it comes to your strategy, culture, system or organization? Need organizational transformation?

strategy development: Where is your organization headed? Let’s strategize for success to optimize the bottom line through organizational efficiencies. 

strategic foresight: Curious about how to prepare your organization for success 10, 15, 20 years in the future? Let’s identify which strategic foresight tools would be most impactful for your organizational interests. 

team developmentInterested in taking your team to the next level? Looking to enhance your team through learning and skill development?

workplace cultureInterested in improving teamwork and the ‘way’ your team works? Need to shape and direct your team’s culture for success?