Leadership Academy

A customized leadership academy for your organization

Skidmore Consulting continuously partners with organizations to provide scalable leadership training and leader development programs. The firm actively provides customized Leadership Academy experiences for organizations looking to white-label leader development programs or provide company-branded leadership training for their staff. The Leadership Doctors at Skidmore Consulting actively offer in-person and virtual training for organizations and teams based on our clients’ specific areas of interest and leadership insights essential for long-term thriving. 

An All-Inclusive Leadership Academy by Skidmore Consulting

The Leadership Academy experience offers clients:

  • An inclusive and strengths-based culture of learning
  • A Customized Learning Development Plan by a Leadership Doctor
  • Courses and training with clear learning objectives
  • Interactive learning experiences for learners
  • Scalable options to support learners by the 10s or even 100s
  • Certificates of completion for learners
  • Asynchronous and synchronous learning offerings
  • Virtual and in-personal learning offerings

A Leadership Academy to your organization