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Communication Services
Communication needs differ among industries, sectors, and organizations. Skidmore Consulting offers a suite of Communications Services to improve organizations and grow business. Key services include:

brand development: Trying to develop your brand or refresh your branding, Skidmore Consulting has you covered.

coaching: Need coaching to enhance and explore marketing and communications approaches? Skidmore Consulting has you covered.

content writing: In need of a writer for articles, blogs, white papers, technical documents and more? Skidmore Consulting has you covered.

digital marketing strategies: Interested in transforming your traditional marketing approach to leverage the value of digital technologies? Skidmore Consulting has you covered.

international public relations insights: How do you communicate in foreign markets? What should you be voicing to international markets? Skidmore Consulting has you covered.

marketing reporting: What is the best way to report initiatives, identify relevant data, and develop analytical insights? Skidmore Consulting has you covered.

market research: Need market research based on economic targets for business development initiatives? Skidmore Consulting has you covered.

messaging and talking point development: Not sure how to keep the team ‘on-message?’ When developing targeted messages, Skidmore Consulting has you covered.

newsletter, e-newsletter, and drip campaigns: Need support creating and distributing news? Skidmore Consulting has you covered.

social media marketing: Not sure how to manage social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) for a business? Skidmore Consulting has you covered.

strategic communications planning & initiatives: Developing strategic communications for stakeholders? Skidmore Consulting has you covered.