Leader Assessments & Culture Assessments

why are leader assessments important?

Leaderships assessments are valuable for several reasons. But first, it is important to consider the question – How do we plan to use the insights we find from the assessments in the Leadership & Learning programs? And, if you don’t have a plan in place for how your team will leverage the findings, it may be time to reassess why you may be conducting the assessment in the first place.

assessments for leaders and assessments for culture

Of course there are a variety of assessments and instruments that exist in the leadership space. Here are two examples to keep in mind.

assessments focused on individuals

  • When we craft onboarding programs for organizations or team building programs for restructured or new teams, the CliftonStrengths (formerly Strengths Finders) assessment is helpful. A strengths-based tool such as this assessment allows individuals to become more self-aware but also grow in their understanding of their team members. By understanding team members, individuals are better suited to develop relationships and collaboration in the work environment.

assessments focused on teams

  • Consider a team experiencing burnout or even a team in need of an intervention. Condsider Leaders wanting to invest in the strengthening the experience of their teams within the work environment. These are examples of instances it may helpful to concudt a collective cultural assessment to learn more about the perceived current culture of an organization and the desired or preferred culture. By understanding both the current and preferred, leaders are able to make shifts to transform as needed.

assessments are a starting point for long term learning

And, yes – the nuance behind taking an assessment is much more complex. But, at times an assessment serves as an initial tool to provide a shared vocabulary for the team and benchmark the current collective perspective. At Skidmore Consulting, we provide assessment services to clients who are invested in long term growth and sustainability of their teams. The findings from the assessments, allow us to create a tailored Leadership & Learning Program for organizational thriving.

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