Why is leadership development important?

Leadership training and development is essential to organizations of all sizes – from large global businesses to small-to-mid-sized businesses to nonprofits to local chambers. Depending on the context, the delivery, method, and approach to leadership training certainly vary but the advantages are limitless.

Why is leadership training important in an organization?

Leadership development and training is important in an organization for the following reasons:

  • Builds an organization’s competitive advantage
  • Empowers the team members
  • Prepares an organization for the future
  • Develops the strengths of team members
  • Aligns teams within the organization
  • Encourages relationships throughout the organization
  • Improves the effectiveness of the team
  • Increases the capacity of the team
  • Provides a financial return for the organization

Certainly, the level and depth of these advantages depend on the scope of leadership training. At Skidmore Consulting, we work directly with organizational leaders to craft custom programs to target the business or organization’s exact needs.

Business People

Leaders ask yourself – Could your organization benefit from a scalable and customized approach to leadership training and development?

Leadership Training and Development for Growth

With Skidmore Consulting, leadership training and development addresses the organization’s human capital’s growth to improve both the individual and the organization. Leaders who do not invest in leadership training and development miss the critical opportunity to strengthen the effectiveness of their team members, teams, and ultimately their organization.

Consider the team members within an organization. As individuals, team members seek more than merely attending training or workshops for the organization’s sake. Team members seek personal growth and development directly applied to their work context and their growth within an organization.

Leaders ask yourself – Is your organization structured in a way that encourages and motivates team members to grow and develop? If not, it may be time to reconfigure ways your organization can better align with a growth culture that encourages leadership training and development.

Leadership training and development impact organizations positively – but there are critical investments needed by organizational leaders. When working with Skidmore Consulting, we ask an organization’s leaders to commit to

  • Investing time to strategize on goals
  • Investing time from team members to foster the development
  • Cultivating buy-in across leadership circles within the organization
  • Investing time to allow teams to strengthen their relationships
  • Partnering to implement complex, yet invaluable, training

What about your organization?