WBENC Leadership Feature on Sea Turtles

Dr. Sarah’s Wild Leadership Series (specifically the Sea Turtle article!) was recently featured by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

“Dr. Sarah Skidmore, CEO & Leadership Doctor at WBENC-Certified WBE Skidmore Consulting, started the Wild Leadership series in January 2021 to explore the question, “what leadership lessons can we learn from the wild?” Participants learn from vulnerable species such as polar bears, cheetahs, and manatees to endangered species like dolphins and elephants – journey along with Dr. Sarah as she explores Wild Leadership.”

Learning from sea turtles

Dr. Sarah notes three key leadership learnings from Sea Turtles.

  • In the nest and out of the nest together
  • Dig and rest together
  • Be as majestic as a sea turtle

Have you considered how these learnings from sea turtles may transform your organization?

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