Video: What do I do with my strengths?

strengths based coaching tool for leader development

Dr. Sarah Skidmore (leader coach and leadership consultant at Skidmore Consulting LLC) addresses commonly asked questions. In this video, she tackles ‘What do I do with my strengths?’ Dr. Sarah offers the Strength Map as a tool for leaders to reflect on different components related to strengths development.

How to use the Strength Map as a strengths based approach to leadership development

  1. Select one of your strengths and write it in the middle of your paper.
  2. Think of creating a mind map or a web. From the strength, draw a line outward labeled ‘Strategy.’ Write down a few strategies that come to mind to use with this strength.
  3. Then from the center strength, again draw another line labeled ‘Use.’ Write down a few ways that you are currently using the strength.
  4. Again, draw another line stemming from your strength labeled ‘Develop.’ Write down a few ways that you can further develop the strength.
  5. And, draw one final line from the middle of the page outward labeled ‘Celebrate.’ Write down a few ways that you can actively celebrate your strength.

Spend time reflecting on the Strength Map! Feel free to map a separate map for each of your strengths. Notice your growth over time!

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