How to Build a Small Biz Digital Presence

5 steps to bring your small business online

Skidmore Consulting frequently partners with small businesses, nonprofits, professional service, and consulting firms to manage online branding, digital marketing, and social media.

Learn about five common steps to online management

  1. Set up the online actions and digital properties.
  2. Establish your brand and expertise.
  3. Promote your business offerings.
  4. Engage with clients, colleagues, and the industry.
  5. Cultivate relationships

Step 1 – Set up the online accounts and digital properties

  • Establish your brand + logo.
  • Create a website.
  • Create appropriate social media accounts.
  • Establish templates for presentations + materials.

Step 2 – establish your brand & expertise

  • Cultivate expertise and authority through posting articles, blogs, short videos, and white papers online.
  • Create branded materials for specific seminars and workshops.

Step 3 – promote your business offerings

  • Create online registrations for events.
  • Promote events online through digital tools
  • Post regularly on social media.
  • Create videos, infographics, and visuals related to your expertise.

Step 4 – engage with clients, colleagues, and the industry

  • Interact with your followers, colleagues, and industry leaders online.
  • Develop e-newsletters with powerful material.

Step 5 – cultivate relationships

  • Develop branded materials to fit the unique needs of requests for interviews, speaking engagements, and consulting projects.
  • Create branded videos and eLearning courses.

What about your organization?