Interview: Business UNusual

celebrate supplier diversity

Liz Whitehead and Heather Cox are Co-Masterminds at Diversity Masterminds – a small business that supports certified diverse business owners. Liz and Heather interviewed Dr. Sarah in a recent episode of their podcast, Business UNusual.

certifications, remote work, leadership, and more

“No one knows better than we do how difficult it can be to leverage your certification. You are overwhelmed with running your business, you don’t know which opportunities are for you and on top of that, working remotely can make it more difficult to connect authentically. We do like to celebrate those entrepreneurs who take the time, make a plan, and make that certification work for them. Dr. Sarah Skidmore is a great example of how the advice we give to clients – really works! She is also giving back to other small businesses who are struggling with their digital and online presence along with developing leadership skills for small to medium sized teams who are adjusting to remote work. Listen in to hear how she does it…”