Interview: Authenticity at Scale

authenticity is essential to leadership

Michelle Coye, owner of QueerHustle, interviewed Dr. Sarah Skidmore for the QueerHustle podcast. Watch now as Michelle & Dr. Sarah discuss Authenticity at Scale.

Here’s a bit more about the podcast episode

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle Coyle talks with Dr. Sarah Skidmore, founder of Skidmore Consulting. As a leadership doctor and consultant, Dr. Sarah helps organizations meet goals and help their workers grow. Dr. Sarah’s work and schooling experiences focus on B2B marketing. From this experience, Dr. Sarah saw a lack of leadership and a need for guidance. Today, we’ll discuss how Dr. Sarah helps others and how today’s advice will help you be a better leader.

  • 0:00​ – Intro
  • 2:56​ – What Leadership Really Is
  • 4:30​ – How To Be Authentic While Staying Safe
  • 6:50​ – How To Express Leadership Upward
  • 9:50​ – How To Help People Navigate From Working Fast To Working Thoroughly
  • 14:00​ – Showing Up The Same At Work And At Home: True Authenticity
  • 18:00​ – Know What You’re Offering To Situations
  • 22:15​ – Values And Setting Boundaries
  • 24:50​ – Advice For On-The-Fence Aspiring Entrepreneurs