How do I prepare for change?

be a leader who is prepared for change

How do you handle unforeseeable change?

Know the current strengths of the individuals on your team

When was the last time you evaluated the strengths of your organization? your team? yourself? By knowing the strengths of others, leaders are better equipped to make decisions and prepare their organizations for the future.

invest in upskilling your team and reskilling your workforce

Just because an organization is thriving today, does not mean it is guaranteed to thrive in the future. Invest in the people in your organization to upskill the talent and reskill the workforce when relevant. Leaders must actively dedicate time to envisioning future environments – then ensuring their human talent is ready to bring about that future.

seek, share & celebrate strengths

When considering strengths, assessment tools are helpful in providing a common language for individuals as well as critical insights to areas of strength. Through this common language and understanding, team members can more easily share and celebrate the strengths of others within the organization.

use strengths to make business decisions

Further, by knowing the gifting of the current human capital within the organization, leaders may swiftly respond to change by

  • creating new teams and departments based on a specific change.
  • transitioning individuals to different roles within the organization that may need their area of strength.
  • noticing opportunities for the organization to invest in adding additional human talent with specific strengths.

This approach to handling unforeseeable change is possible for leaders who today invest in knowing their people and understanding the strengths of their human talent.

What about your organization?