Tips for Online Training Facilitation

Master online leadership training facilitation in the virtual world

Virtual meetings are the norm during this pandemic. Spend time with the 5 tips for facilitating online brainstorming below. What actions would you add to the list?

Tip 1: Provide an agenda

  • What is the point of the meeting?
  • What do you hope to accomplish with the session?
  • What will happpen during the meeting?

Tip 2: Check-in with participants

  • Create a collaborative environment.
  • How can you have all participants speak?
  • What are creative ways you can engage each participant at the start of the meeting?

Tip 3: provide a shared visual space

Make sure to have a shared visual space.

  • Maybe you use the video conference software’s whiteboard.
  • Maybe you screen share a  document on your computer.
  • Maybe you have a physical poster in your background.

Tip 4: moderate the chat window

If your session has more than 4-5 participants, select a person to be your chat window moderator. The moderator can manage the chat so that you can stay focused on facilitating the session. The moderator advises the facilitator on chat needs.

Tip 5: have fun

When facilitating online brainstorming, is important to have fun. Find ways to bring humor into the session. Think of out-of-the-box icebreakers to kick-off the session. Offer creative analogies to lighten the mood.

What about your organization?