Dr. Sarah Named 40 Under 40

Congrats to our CEO, Dr. Sarah Skidmore, for being named one of Business Equality Network Pride‘s Forty Under 40 for the Class of 2022!

responsibility in this moment in history

When asked ‘What do you believe is your responsibility to this moment in history,’ Dr. Sarah responded: “I believe my responsibility at this moment in history is to create environments – whether a course, training, retreat or service project – where folx are empowered to know their strengths and then leverage those strengths to thrive in their contexts. I envision a world with stronger leadership. To bring about this vision, we must each recognize and celebrate our unique strengths. Our teams, business and societies become stronger as we all live into our strengths and create communities where folx know they belong. By doing this, we may unlock a new future for us all.”

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