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We believe in virtual training and development – and sometimes, leaders need access to asynchronous training! Join Dr. Sarah in the below course listing to continue your journey in becoming a Stronger People Leader!

How to Embrace the Flourish Perspective as a Leader – the online course

leadership Course Description

Are you ready to grow as a Stronger People Leader? During this course, journey with Dr. Sarah Skidmore to explore important theories and practices for every People Leader to embrace. This online course, How to Embrace the Flourishing Perspective as a Leader, offers perspective and considerations for today’s leaders – regardless of industry!

The course teaches People Leaders to maintain a viewpoint that is oriented toward growth and potential. Other highlights of the course include the essential nature of positive psychology movement. By embracing the flourishing perspective, People Leaders are able to embrace a mindset that allows for progress and evolution as opposed to a fixation on limitations.

With this intentional focus on growth, a People Leader understands that their current actions influence their future potential. Dr. Sarah shares that by focusing on our thinking and mindset today, we have the opportunity to shape our impact and futures of tomorrow. Finally, this course recognizes the importance of both internal and external impacts. Internal flourishing speaks to advances of the individual but also their team and organization. External flourishing speaks to the positive impact their work offers their community, society, and the world at large. Take this to course to understand How to Embrace the Flourishing Perspective as a Leader.

What you’ll learn

  • To understand The Flourishing Perspective.
  • To articulate The Flourishing Perspective to others.
  • To track embodiment of The Flourishing Perspective.
  • To be able to guide others towards The Flourishing Perspective.

Who this course is for:

  • People Leaders
  • Experienced Leaders
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Professionals