On-Demand Courses and Online Leadership Courses

We believe in virtual training and development – and sometimes, leaders need access to asynchronous training! Learn more about the custom virtual leadership training and on-demand course creation by Skidmore Consulting.

on-demand leader development courses

Dr. Sarah Skidmore created a leader development curriculum perfect for professionals who want to become Stronger People Leaders! Check out our active on-demand library with courses available to teams and organizations who are ready for more!

custom virtual leadership training and on-demand course creation for your business

Skidmore Consulting creates online courses for organizations to use within their LMS. Course topics range from leadership topics including leader development, leader mindset, D&I, organizational culture, development strategy, and more.

Skidmore Consulting Hosts On-demand Courses for Your team to access

Clients frequently ask Skidmore Consulting to create customized learning programs and leader development programs for their specific organization. We easily deliver the on-demand programming using our technology for your team to access.

Skidmore Consulting Provides On-demand Course Assets for use on your LMS

Sometimes our clients want to host our on-demand courses on their LMS and technical systems. We have a few packages of on-demand course deliverables available to clients.

Silver Package for includes:

  • A Custom Course Curriculum created by a Leadership Doctor
  • 25-60 Minutes of Video Content // 5-7 Micro-Learning Videos provided in MP4 format ranging from 5-10 minutes in duration each. Client to select technical dimensions from 1080p (1920×1080), 720p (1280×720), 4K UHD (3840×2160)
  • Video files include markers for Table of Content integration
  • 1-Year Course License to use within client LMS

Gold Package includes:

  • Silver Package
  • Course Thumbnail (1280×720)
  • 5-10 Quiz Questions per Micro-Learning Video

Platinum Package includes:

  • Silver and Gold Packages
  • Written Script per Micro-Learning Video
  • Captions per Micro-Learning Video

Additional services for online courses

Consulting by a Leadership Doctor

  • Identifying appropriate learning paths for various stakeholder groups
  • Creating an online learning strategy for an organization
  • Activating a course within client LMS

Additional Licensing Options

  • 2-Year and 5-Year License Extensions include // Annual course review by a Leadership Doctor and Annual 2-hour consulting time to make appropriate course updates