Online Learning Programs

Online Learning opportunities for professional development

Skidmore Consulting provides online learning opportunities for organizations seeking to scale professional development with their teams. Our scalable and customized approach ensures that our learners experience a practical, contextual, and relevant online learning experience.

Online Learning Demand for the Future

From the 2020 Report on the Future of Jobs from the World Economic Forum, we see an accelerated pace of technology adoption, automation of tasks fuels job destruction, jobs of tomorrow continue to rise, and reskilling & upskilling human talent as critical.

increasing demand for online learning opportunities

  • 4-fold increase in individuals seeking out opportunities for learning online through their own initiative
  • 5-fold increase in employer provision of online learning opportunities to their workers
  • 9-fold enrollment increase for learners accessing online learning through government programs.
  • 88% growth in leaders engaging personal development courses

human talent skills needed for the future of work

  • Leadership Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Complex Problem Solving

ensure your human talent is ready for the future of work with online learning

Skidmore Consulting offers a variety of scalable and customized online learning opportunities and virtual leadership training courses for leaders and teams. The Skidmore Consulting online learning opportunities upskill talent within organization and provide professional development for leaders. Our programs are directly related to the leadership skills, competency, and mindset necessary for the future of work.

live leadership masterclasses for leaders

Interact in real-time with a Leadership Doctor through our Online Leadership Masterclass Series. Make sure to check out our Course Offering.

on-demand leadership courses

Do you prefer on-demand learning opportunities? Make sure to check out our ever growing library of online courses and on-demand leadership courses and enroll to complete the online leadership courses that interest you.

Customized leadership courses for teams

Often organizations request a specific leadership training, leadership masterclass or online course based on an area of development for their team or a challenge their organization is facing.

leadership academy for your organization

Dr. Sarah commonly designs and facilitates customized leadership learning experiences for clients – and even a full scale Leadership Academy based on client needs.

Supplement your online learning experiences with additional services by skidmore consulting

Customized Learning Journey for Individuals

Not sure what the best online learning opportunity is for you or your team? Dr. Sarah designs customized learning journeys for online learners to maximize their growth in contextually relevant ways.

online Executive Coaching for long-term leader development

Our learners bolster the impact of our online learning opportunities when they pair learning with executive coaching. We would love to support your learning and development goals through online executive coaching.

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