On Call Leadership Service

leadership experts when you need them

Sometimes leadership pain points and challenges arise out of nowhere! When those challenges arise, where do you seek strategic counsel and care? Many executives and c-suite leaders struggle to find a trusted resource to discuss their leadership pains and struggles. The on call leadership service by Skidmore Consulting offers executives a confidential format to move from leadership pain through strength with the support of Leadership Doctors and Leadership Practitioners.

The Skidmore Consulting Team supports Leaders

Skidmore Consulting is proud to offer a team of experts ready to care for your leadership pains!

  • Our Leadership Doctors are credentialed with a doctorate or PhD in leadership or a field directly related to the practice of leadership.
  • Our Leadership Practitioners work under the direction of one of our Leadership Doctors. Our Leadership Practitioners are subject matter experts with various leadership expertise and credentialing such as graduate degrees, certifications, or the like.

move from pain to strength with our on call leadership service

Clients receive access to strategic guidance, leadership expertise, and a confidential setting to process their leadership pains and move toward stronger leadership. Subscribe to the On Call Leadership Service by Skidmore Consulting today!

About the On Call Service

Partner with a Leadership Doctor during the virtual on call session. During the session with your Leadership Doctor, discuss your current organizational challenges and business pains and ideate steps to move from leadership pain to strength.

  • Access confidential leadership support as you face business challenges and leadership pains
  • Work directly with a Leadership Doctor to move from leadership pain to strength
  • Receive virtual appointments to address your leadership challenges and strength your leadership
  • Ideal for business owners, executives, and people managers

move from pain to strength with our on call leadership service