The Leadership Flywheel

understanding the leadership flywheel by dr. Sarah Skidmore

Have you ever reflected on how your organization develops leaders? Maybe your organization has a structured process for formal training. Or, perhaps your organization relies on an organic, more hands-on style of training. Different cultures, industries, and organizations rely on various methods. But regardless of organization, the Leadership Flywheel by Dr. Sarah Skidmore provides a framework for reimagining how your organization develops leaders.

Over time, the goal of the Leadership Flywheel is to evolve the actions and behaviors of individuals from merely

  • Being Aware to
  • Engaging to ultimately
  • Influencing and Leading within a context.

Dr. Sarah based The Leadership Flywheel on the understanding that learning and development is a continual process for leaders across all positions and industries.

Fostering the Leadership Flywheel

Interested in bringing the Leadership Flywheel to your team? Dr. Sarah often integrates learning paths and development programs to bring the Leadership Flywheel to life with clients. With these specific programs, clients receive a structured approach with the flexibility to contextualize the materials to maximize individual growth. Based on the client context, learning paths may range from

  • Required Journeys – Required learning journeys for individuals may include professional development tracks, certification completions, or action learning projects.

  • Recommended Journeys – Recommended learning journeys for individuals seeking to next level their career or gain a new skill may include online learning courses, a mentorship program, or organizational committee roles.

  • Voluntary Journeys – Voluntary learning journeys for individuals seeking to next level their career or gain a new skill may include Employee Resource Group (ERG) involvement, committee involvement, or local volunteer opportunities.

Understanding the steps of the leadership flywheel


As individuals learn about leadership opportunities within an organization, they may consider their interest in participating in the initiatives.


Once aware, individuals may begin to participate in the organization’s leadership opportunities.


Once engaged in opportunities, individuals may provide leadership within the context over time.

The Leadership Flywheel by Dr. Sarah Skidmore

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