Certificate in People Leadership

earn a certificate in People leadership

By unlocking a Certificate in People Leadership, designed by Dr. Sarah skidmore, build your career advantage, next-level your leadership practice, and excel in the future of work! This learning program is perfect for professionals interested in real-world insights, love practical resources, and value curriculum created by a leadership doctor.

become a stronger people leader

  • 100% Virtual Program – Where is your favorite place to learn? For most folx, their favorite learning place is not in a rigid chair without their creature comforts within arms-reach! Because this program is a 100% virtual program, choose your most comfortable spot! Whether your home, office, or favorite coffee shop, we are happy you are here!

  • 3 Month Learning Journey – Our learners earn their Certificate in People Leadership – while simultaneously increasing their career advantage – in three short months! Dr. Sarah designed our program to allow learners the opportunity to engage, discover, reflect, and integrate learning components into their real-world setting throughout the learning journey.
  • 12 Live & Online Learning Sessions – With Dr. Sarah’s curriculum in mind, plan on your learning journey to include 12 live and online learning sessions (60 minutes).
  • People Leadership Curriculum – Dr. Sarah created the curriculum at the heart of the Certificate in People Leadership. Using the principles from her book, Stronger People Leaders (2020), Dr. Sarah developed interactive learning sessions to bring people leadership principles to life. Through the Certificate in People Leadership, learners
    • Explore the four components shaping the mindset & thinking of a people leader: The Flourishing Perspective, A Strengths-Based Understanding, The Importance of Awareness, and A Systematic Approach
    • Unpack six roles critical to people leaders in any context: Forever Learner, People Developer, Values Guardian, Futures-Minded Innovator, Strategic Thinker, and Culture Creator
  • Program Investment – The program tuition is $6,695; and tuition may be Paid in Full or through four equal payments.

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