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programs for leaders by Skidmore Consulting

Leaders often ask us, how do I become a stronger leader? Our team often uses the sports analogy – through practice! Just as in individual sports or team sports, athletes become stronger as they train and practice. The same is true for leaders! So now the question is – are you willing to invest the time and energy to put in the work to become a stronger people leader? If the answer is yes, then check out our learning programs below. Dr. Sarah created these programs for motivated leaders who are committed to putting in the time and work to strengthen their leadership muscle.

Earn a Certificate in People Leadership

By unlocking a Certificate in People Leadership, designed by Dr. Sarah skidmore, build your career advantage, next-level your leadership practice, and excel in the future of work! This learning program is perfect for professionals interested in real-world insights, love practical resources, and value curriculum created by a leadership doctor.

become a stronger people leader

  • 100% Virtual Program Accessible Internationally
  • 3 Month Learning Journey
  • 12 Live & Online Learning Sessions with a Leadership Doctor
  • People Leadership Curriculum by Dr. Sarah Skidmore
Complete the Leader Wellness Program

Unlock practices and principles to understand your wellbeing from a leader’s perspective. During this program, Dr. Sarah shares real-world wellbeing insights with leaders as they seek to thrive within their work context. Through this learning journey, participants integrate well-being into their daily work life to understand that wellbeing is an active leadership practice – not a wishful destination!

Integrate Wellness into Your leadership

  • 100% Virtual Program Accessible Internationally
  • 6 Week Learning Journey
  • 6 Live & Online Learning Sessions with a Leadership Doctor
  • Leader Wellness Curriculum by Dr. Sarah Skidmore
Join our Exclusive Advanced Leadership Program

Are you ready for your leadership wishes to become a reality? Ready to next-level your career through leadership development? If the answer is yes, our Advanced Leadership Program is for you. Professionals experiencing career transition, ready to grow their leadership skills, and wanting to bring their purpose to life benefit from the Advanced Leadership Program by Dr. Sarah Skidmore.

Join the Exclusive Advanced Leadership Program

  • 100% Virtual Program Accessible Internationally
  • 12 Month Learning Journey
  • Monthly Appointment with a Leadership Doctor
  • Weekly Accountability Activities for Participants
  • Inclusive Approach and Accepting Growth Environment

Next Level your Career through Leadership Training