The Leadership Hospital Interventions

the leadership hospital helps organizations thrive

experiencing leadership pains with your team

Are you stressed, burned out, stuck, overwhelmed, disengaged, disempowered? Maybe your team is battling a long-lasting virus or injury. Having team struggles, competing priorities, lack of direction, or poor communication skills? Maybe your organization lacks accountability, is struggling with up-skilling for the future of work, or in the midst of some tough decisions.

Are you ready to move from pain to strength?

Ready to bring greater engagement, balanced sustainability, or powerful transformation to your team or organization? The Leadership Hospital powered by Skidmore Consulting takes a very methodical approach to diagnosing leadership challenges and then tailoring leadership plans to create sustainable organizations and thriving teams.

working with the leadership hospital is simple for business leaders

Our process isn’t for everyone – it’s highly methodical, almost clinical – as clients receive

  • Specialized consultation with a leadership doctor
  • In-depth diagnostics to understand the DNA of their organization,
  • Tailored treatment plan with doctor-recommended next steps to transform

Step 1 – receive a specialized consultation with a leadership doctor

Our clients receive a specialized consultation with a Leadership Doctor. During the consultation, we unpack those pains you experience (from the acute, immediate pains to more chronic and ongoing pains). We invest time in understanding organizational wellness goals and explore opportunities for sustainable transformation for our clients (from understanding skills needed for the future of work, creating robust employee experience, creating a vision for your organization). Afterward, our clients receive a customized diagnosis for their team or organization, including recommended next steps.

Step 2 – receive in depth diagnostics to understand your organization’s dnA

After clients receive a specialized consultation, our practitioners take a methodical approach to dive deep into understanding the team or organization. Our Leadership Doctor identifies appropriate assessments and tools for the client based on their pain points and wellness goals. Our clients receive in-depth diagnostics to understand their DNA and current wellness status better.

Based on our findings from the in-depth diagnostics, a Leadership Doctor creates a tailored treatment plan that provides doctor-recommended next steps to transform clients from their current status to their desired status. Our highly customized treatments plans are 100% tailored to the client’s needs and methodically designed, reflecting only the highest standards.

Our tailored treatment plans often include recommended next steps involving leadership training, organizational interventions, leadership services, talent development planning, and more.

Specialized Support As You Strengthen Your Leadership

Ultimately, our clients value our unwavering leadership specialization to accompany their continuous wellness journey to become stronger and thrive– we are their trusted guide as they navigate strategy, lead teams, manage change, or foster transformation. We believe that organizational health is essential to team wellness and organizational sustainability. And, our clients have a long-term trusted guide as they continue to navigate future challenges and opportunities that may arise. 

We believe that our clients thrive as their team members thrive – that organizations develop as their people develop – and that organizations change and transform as the thinking and behaviors of their people change and transform.

The Leadership Hospital Interventions Includes

  • (One) Specialized Virtual Consultation with a Leadership Doctor (up to 60 minutes)
  • Online Assessment related to the Leadership Pain
  • In-depth Diagnostics from a Leadership Doctor (Strategic Analysis)
  • Tailored Treatment Plan with Doctor-Recommended Next Steps (Strategic Plan)
  • (Two) Virtual Appointments with a Leadership Practitioners (up to 30 minutes)
  • The Leadership Hospital Intervention holds an investment of $6,795

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