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Invest in Leadership Strength for Business Sustainability 

Innovative Leadership Solution

The Leadership Hospital® is the innovative solution that delivers stronger people leaders for businesses with hybrid or remote teams through our Proven Process. Our Leadership Doctors and Leadership Practitioners deliver virtual training, consulting, and development programs – from telehealth sessions to virtual conferencing to live online facilitation and even VR experiences – to strengthen your business as you create long-term business sustainability.

How is your business ensuring your decision-makers are stronger leaders? How is your company preparing decision-makers to lead successful teams? How is your business investing in leaders so that you excel in the future of work together?

Commitment to Care

The Leadership Hospital is committed to delivering unparalleled care to our clients. Our Leadership Doctors and Leadership Practitioners are dedicated to strengthening the leadership in your organization.

  • Our clients receive leadership expertise and care framed by our vision of a world with stronger leadership.
  • Our clients have direct access to a network of Leadership Doctors and Leadership Practitioners who deliver specialized services based on their specific pains and challenges.
  • Our clients strengthen their leaders by leveraging our proven process – of specialized consultations, in-depth diagnostics, and tailored treatment plans.
  • And ultimately, by partnering with The Leadership Hospital – our clients develop stronger leaders – stronger decision-makers for their businesses.

Ask yourself – Are you ready for stronger leaders, for a stronger business?

Move from Leadership Pain to Strength

Are you ready to bring greater engagement, balanced sustainability, or powerful transformation to your team or organization? The Leadership Hospital, powered by Skidmore Consulting, takes a very methodical approach to diagnosing leadership challenges and tailoring leadership plans to create sustainable organizations and thriving teams.

Our Proven Process for Leadership Sustainability

Our process is not for everyone. Our proven process is highly methodical, almost clinical, as our Leadership Doctors work alongside our clients to manage sustainable change. As a client, you receive

  • Specialized Consultation with a Leadership Doctor
  • In-depth Diagnostics to Understand the Situational DNA
  • Tailored Treatment with Doctor-Recommended Plan
  • Specialized Leadership Care Designed to Transform through Consulting and Training

Step 1 – Receive a Specialized Consultation with a Leadership Doctor

Our clients receive a specialized consultation with a Leadership Doctor. During the consultation, we unpack the pains you experience (from the acute and immediate pains your team is facing to the organization’s chronic and long-term challenges). We invest time in understanding organizational goals and exploring opportunities for sustainable transformation. Goals may range from understanding the skills gap your team faces in the future of work, transforming your employee experience, fostering team development and cross-departmental collaboration, or creating your vision of business sustainability, for example. Afterward, our clients receive a customized diagnosis for their team or organization, including recommended next steps.

Most Frequently Experienced Leadership Pains Involve:

Most Frequently Experienced Leadership Pains

Most Frequently Experienced Leadership Pains Involve:

  • Organizational Restructuring / Reorganization
  • Organizational Culture
  • Employee Performance and Employee Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Team Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic DEIB

Step 2 – Receive In-Depth Diagnostics to Understand the Situational DNA

After clients receive a specialized consultation, our leadership practitioners take a methodical approach to understanding the team and organizational context. Our Leadership Doctor identifies appropriate diagnostic tools for clients based on their pains and wellness goals. Our clients receive in-depth diagnostics to understand better their DNA, current situation, and desired goals.

Common Diagnostic Tools

Common Diagnostic Tools our Leadership Doctors Utilize

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • CliftonStrengths
  • Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument
  • D&I Audit to ISO-30415 Standard for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Appreciative Inquiry Process
  • Strategic Foresight & Visioning Process
  • Change Management Process
  • Focus Groups & Interview-based Engagements

Step 3 – Receive a Tailored Treatment Plan and Doctor-Recommended Next Steps

Based on our findings from the in-depth diagnostics, a Leadership Doctor creates a tailored treatment plan that provides doctor-recommended next steps to transform clients from their current pains to their desired results. Our highly customized treatment plans are 100% tailored to the client’s needs and methodically designed, reflecting only the highest standards.

Our tailored treatment plans often include recommended next steps involving leadership training, organizational interventions, leadership services, talent development planning, and more.

Step 4 – Receive Specialized Leadership Care Designed to Transform

Ultimately, our clients value our specialized leadership care designed to transform their organization. Our Leadership Network accompanies their leadership wellness journey as they become stronger and thrive. We are their trusted guide as they navigate strategy, lead teams, manage change, or foster transformation. We believe that organizational health is essential to team wellness and business sustainability. Our clients have a trusted guide committed to caring for their leadership health as they continue to navigate future challenges and opportunities that may arise. 

We believe that businesses thrive as their teams thrive – that organizations develop as their people develop – and that organizations change and transform as the thinking and behaviors of their people change and transform.

Invest in a Leadership Intervention for Your Organization

Invest to Strengthen Your Organization

The investment for a leadership intervention from The Leadership Hospital depends on the project scope and participants involved.

Step 1 – Specialized Consultation with a Leadership Doctor – Investment varies based on the number of virtual sessions, with an initial investment of $3,795 USD.

  • (One) Specialized Virtual Consultation with a Leadership Doctor (up to 60 minutes)
  • Online Assessment related to the Leadership Pain
  • Diagnosis from a Leadership Doctor

Step 2 – In-depth Diagnostics – Investment varies based on tool and number of participants involved, with a base investment of $4,295 plus diagnostic tool fees.

  • Access to appropriate Diagnostic Tool
  • Facilitation of the Diagnostic Tool
  • Strategic Analysis of the Situational DNA determined from the Diagnostic Tool
  • (Two) Virtual Appointments with a Leadership Practitioner (up to 30 minutes)

Step 3 -Tailored Treatment with Doctor-Recommended Plan – Investment varies based on the project’s scope, with an initial investment of $6,395 USD.

  • Tailored Treatment Plan with Doctor-Recommended Next Steps (Strategic Plan)
  • (Two) Virtual Appointments with a Leadership Practitioner (up to 60 minutes)

Step 4- Specialized Leadership Care Designed to Transform through Appropriate Consulting and Training – Investment varies based on the project’s scope, with a base annual investment of $20,000 USD.

Have you considered the impact that stronger leaders may have on your organizations? Strong leaders are engaged and encourage employee engagement across the teams and groups they lead. Clifton & Harter share powerful research regarding engaged teams in It’s the Manager (2019). Gallup finds that engaged teams are…

  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 70% fewer safety incidences
  • 40% fewer quality defects
  • 10% higher customer rating
  • 17% higher productivity
  • 20% higher sales
  • 21% higher profitability

Today is the day to move from leadership pain to strength. Skidmore Consulting’s Leadership Hospital is an innovative and ground-breaking approach to business sustainability for your organization.

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