experience is all around us

A cold conference room with no windows. A black pen, pad of white stationary paper, and a glass of water that is sweating on the white table cloth in front of you. Far too often, these are the mundane elements that visually represent our professional conferences, strategy sessions, and various stakeholder meetings. What an inspiring environment – not! What might happen if our conferences and meetings integrate creativity, connection, and engagement into the heart of the experience? What might happen if the experience allows you (and even your team) to connect with yourself and others in a more intentional and authentic way? How might that experience allow you (and your team) to bring positive impact to your organization?

save your seat at our retreat!

The International Experiential Leadership Retreat Series powered by Skidmore Consulting is specifically developed for leaders. Our multi-day retreats offer unique self-care and interactive professional development experiences.

ready for Experiential Leadership

At Skidmore Consulting, we believe that leadership is an experience. We offer customized experiences for our clients – bringing creativity to life as we craft experiences that fit the unique needs of our clients.

  • Leadership Mini-Retreat (half day)
  • Leadership Retreat (full/multi day)
  • Leadership Adventure (full/multi day)
  • Leadership Conference (multi day)

maximize your Leadership

Our speciality allows individuals to engage action learning so that they leave the leadership experience more inspired, connected, and authentic in their decisions, strategies, and planning.

We work with a client to determine the best experiences based on their team needs – whether indoors or outdoors! A Skidmore Consulting experience pulls a team out of their normative setting into a different environment – whether beachfront, lakeside, an outdoor park, or more!

Imagine the creative power that stems from kayaking on open water or having paints and a canvas in front of you or being in the presence of therapy animals or feeling the sunlight on your back. Through our experiences, we help clients across all industries maximize their leadership by tapping into unrealized potential and uncapped ideation.