Enterprise Leadership Development Solution

start a leadership development program for your organization

Starting a leadership development program can be challenging for business owners and executive teams. Skidmore Consulting offers the Enterprise Leadership Development Solution (ELDS) for small enterprises (10 to 49 individuals) and medium-sized enterprises (50 to 249 individuals).

At Skidmore Consulting, we believe that leadership development does not happen by chance, nor does it happen overnight. To grow leaders, we must be strategic, foster authenticity, and hold a long-term mindset.

Leveraging client experiences and practical theories, we offer enterprise-level leadership solutions to ensure that teams and organizations thrive. Our Enterprise Leadership Development Solution is a customized and targeted program designed to address our clients’ goals and challenges. Our co-created leadership and learning program plays an integral role in our clients’ ability to reach their goals and ensure – not only their sustainability – their long-term flourishing.

What is the enterprise leadership development solution?

1. Understand the primary challenge or opportunity your organization faces

We start every Enterprise Leadership Development Solution (ELDS) engagement by first understanding the primary challenge or opportunity our client seeks to overcome.

There are various ways that we may go about learning and capturing feedback from our client’s team. We may employ executive team meetings, listening sessions, leader assessments and organizational culture assessments, and more to uncover and unpack key Leadership & Learning opportunities based on the context.

2. co-create a strategic leadership and learning program for your team

We fully believe that the co-creation and collaboration between the Skidmore Consulting team and our client’s leadership team is one of the most integral reasons we are so successful in our work. Together we co-create a strategic Leadership & Learning Program.

In the Leadership & Learning Program, we identify focus and tactics to help our clients achieve success. At this stage, we put together a one or two-year program highlighting key initiatives and completion milestones by quarter. Our recommendations often include a custom mix of

Keep in mind, our team works virtually, in-person, or in a hybrid format based on client need.

3. journey together to build stronger people leaders

We facilitate, consult, prescribe, train, upskill, (you add the verb!), as appropriate throughout the Leadership & Learning Program. We walk alongside our clients to journey together.

People are essential to the work of teams and organizations. At Skidmore Consulting, we partner with our clients to build Stronger People Leaders. By building Stronger People Leaders, we are building stronger organizations and stronger communities.

what leadership topics are included in the solution?

Our Enterprise Leadership Development Solution is intentionally long term by nature. Research and experience show us that leader development and culture development within organizations take time and investment. Throughout the Leadership & Learning Programs, we commonly teach essential leadership topics: Strategy Development, Change Management, Leader Development, Succession Planning, Visioning, Strategic Foresight, Appreciative Inquiry, and Global & Inclusive Leadership. Again, our programs are custom by nature, but these topics are commonly appropriate for teams.

Enterprise Leadership Development Solution by Skidmore Consulting

see how Skidmore Consulting’s Innovative Leadership Solution compares

Business owners often weigh the pros and cons, costs and benefits, and ROI of investments. Leadership development programs should be no different. Check out the below comparison chart highlight key differences among our Enterprise Leadership Development Solution (ELDS), traditional employee, and random online leadership materials.

Does your organization need?ELDS from Skidmore ConsultingTraditional EmployeesRandom Online Materials
Just-in-Time Leadership Resources Targeted for Your OrganizationYes!Maybe?Maybe?
Flexible Programming to Meet 21st Century ComplexitiesYes!Maybe?Nope
Flexible Scheduling – including Weekend + Evening OptionsYes!NopeNope
Access to Insights from Leadership Executives without a Staffing InvestmentYes!NopeNope
Applicable Solutions + Custom Strategies to Maximize Your Organization’s PotentialYes!Maybe?Nope
Integrity First ApproachYes!Maybe?Maybe?
Solutions that Meet Your Organization’s Unique NeedsYes!Maybe?Maybe?

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