support during covid-19

COVID-19 is a wildcard impacting the globe. Skidmore Consulting is here to support people, leaders, communities, and organizations *worldwide* who are in need of virtual, freelance support.

online Resources

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Tips for Facilitating Online Brainstorming

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Communication Actions for Business + Brands + Nonprofits During Times of Crisis

ARTICLE: Strategic Communication Considerations for Contractors Regarding COVID-19

Virtual consulting package

Check out a few of our virtual packages.

  • Virtual Sessions: 60 minutes
  • Package Options: 3 sessions / 5 sessions
  • Ask About: 60+ minute sessions / 5+ sessions

business consulting

+ create strategy
+ change leadership
+ business futures
+ online seminars

freelance support

+ create e-newsletters
+ manage social media
+ design digital workbooks
+ create online courses

marketing expertise

+ social media
+ digital accounts
+ digital publishing
+ online reputation

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